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Try It You'll Like It


an opportunity to serve families without a home in your community


Family Promise of Warren County (FPWC) opened its doors in October 1998 to serve families in Warren County experiencing homelessness. Through our Shelter Program FPWC has provided a program of accountability and responsibility for over 25 years so families with children experiencing homelessness can become housed and self-sufficient. We accomplish this goal through dedicated staff and the assistance of many volunteers from congregations, businesses, organizations, clubs, and other groups who provide meals, fellowship, and overnight support to the families in our Shelter Program. These volunteers from congregations, organizations, and businesses also provide mentorship, care and concern to the families we are blessed to serve.

The Opportunity

Prospective volunteer groups covering one night of meals, fellowship, and overnight support.

The Ambassador will be in contact with the lead person in your group approximately three week prior to the hosing date to start the guidance process

Working with a seasoned volunteer or "Ambassador" who:

  • provides guidance on meal choices, activities, and overnight. 

  • answers any questions you may have leading up to the hosting date.

  • is present throughout your time to provide additional support.

Dinner Hosts:

Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Volunteers Needed: 4-6

Provide (for 20 people): 

  • 2 side dishes & dessert

    • This includes the families that will be served as well as the volunteers that will provide the meal and enjoy is alongside the families

Overnight Hosts:

Time: 8:30pm-7:00am

Volunteers Needed: 2

  • Preferably a male and female but two females are acceptable. These volunteers will have their own bedroom with a bath.


  • Support ONLY when needed

    • Example: a child has a fever and mother knocks on the door requesting Tylenol.

Fellowship Hosts:

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Volunteers Needed: 4-6

  • Can be same volunteers as the Dinner Hosts or different people


  • Volunteers should plan on a flexible activity such as a family craft; or something as simple as playing with the children on the playground, blowing bubbles, reading, or other age related activities.

    • Please note that parents will be in a training session from 6:30pm-7:15pm Monday-Friday and will join their children with activities following training.

Volunteer Positions


How Do I Sign Up My Group?

Amazingly Easy!

We will discuss your group, your expectations, and answer any questions that you may have.

Weeks Of

Try it You’ll Like It will coincide with the weeks that Casseroles of Hope provides the meal. With the main meal provided for you, all your team needs to prepare are the sides and the dessert!

Dates for Casseroles of Hope in 2024 are the weeks of: 

  • June 16

  • August 4

  • August 18

  • October 27

Dates Available

Is that you will Try It AND Like It and continue to share your time with families in the FPWC Shelter Program, and in doing so, you will have a life-changing experience and make a change in the life of a family in the crisis of homelessness.
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