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Why Get Involved?

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Studies have shown people who are involved in community service have better mental, cognitive, and physical health.

Writing a Sticky Note

Volunteering can help you connect with people and ideas within your community.

Happy Team Posing

Provides an opportunity to broaden your perspective and help make an impact with Warren County families. 

Hosting + Support

Host congregations provide their worship facilities four weeks each year to serve as a shelter for Family Promise of Warren County families. A designated space for houseguests to reside is furnished with Family Promise of Warren County bedding, where houseguests will spend each night. Host weeks begin Sunday evening and end the following Sunday morning. Families arrive each night at 6 PM and will stay until 7 AM the next morning.


The host congregation will need to have the following capabilities:









Host congregations make a one-year commitment in writing at the onset of hosting services. Host congregations are encouraged to promote and support all Family Promise of Warren County events, and budget an annual contribution to support the Family Promise of Warren County mission.

Support congregations do not host houseguests overnight. Instead, support congregations organize volunteers and prepare meals to assist the host congregation in carrying out their duties. Support congregations are also encouraged to promote and support all Family Promise of Warren County events and consider budgeting an annual contribution to support Family Promise of Warren County's mission.


A list of the network host, support, and COVID-19 congregations are available here.


To host up to 5 families (14 individuals)


To provide all meals.

Self-prepared breakfasts and snack lunches are sufficient


Of utilities, men's and women's restrooms with baby-changing stations


Adults with a living area, and a play area for children


To recruit the needed volunteers for the week, attend scheduled meetings, and act as the main contact with FPWC headquarters


To live onsite during the hosting week.

2-6 volunteers per night, who have attended an orientation session.

A total of up to 50 volunteers may be needed per week


Of a 30-min driving distance from downtown Lebanon



School Kids


July 29, 2023

Whether the children attend school in the physical building or virtually, they will still be in need of supplies, shoes and clothing. This event, which is funded totally outside of the FPWC (IHN) annual budget gives children who are or have been in shelter over the last 12 months the opportunity to succeed by feeling good about themselves and by being totally prepared to start the school year. We have had wonderful feedback from our teachers sharing the positive difference that they see in these children as they arrive at school confident to begin the school year.


How can YOU help?

This event gives children who are or have been in shelter over the last 12 months the opportunity to be totally prepared for the upcoming school year.

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October 1, 2023

Please join us for a formal night to celebrate 25 years of Family Promise of Warren County!

Please join us for a formal night to celebrate 25 years of Family Promise of Warren County!

Donating Money


November 5, 2023

This fundraiser takes place on the Spring and Fall time changes annually. This is a great way to use your pocket change to make a change for those who are homeless and living in shelter. Collect your change in a jar, look under your couch cushions, check your cup holder in your car! Ask your congregation to save their change or your business or your club or your will be surprised how quickly it adds up.


Our Time for Change fundraiser will help fund the Christmas in July event which is listed on this page. 

This fundraiser takes place annually on the Spring and Fall time changes.

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Sports Facility


July 4, 2024

Hope to see you at Armco Park on July 4, 2023!

This 3.1-mile course is in a beautiful, shaded park atmosphere and is suitable for runners and walkers of
all abilities. Water will be provided at the halfway point and at the end of the course. A buffet of fruit, yogurt, bagels and more will be provided for all participants at the end of the 5K.

There will be a ¼ mile Kid’s Fun Run at 9:30 for children aged 10 and under. Runner bag pickup will be on Sunday, July 2 and Monday, July 3 at our office at 600 Cincinnati Ave., Lebanon from 9am to 3pm.

This very important event is held annually on July 3rd or 4th and is a great way to begin your Independence Day celebration.

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Events Anchor
Housing + Support Anchor

Community Benefits Programs

Community Benefits Program Anchor
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You can give back to your community and fund the Family Promise of Warren County mission with every grocery purchase and Amazon Smile order!

Our friends at Kroger & Dorothy Lane Market make it easy to help. Just by signing up, a portion of every purchase will directly benefit Warren County families experiencing homelessness - it’s THAT EASY!! Your prices and savings will not be affected, and registration is online and simple, so please consider signing up for these programs! 


Simply follow the links below, and enter the provided NPO number during registration. Family Promise of Warren County, Ohio is immensely thankful for your support!


Amazon Smile: search "Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County"

Kroger Community Rewards Program: # KH180

Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program: # 846

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